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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mud Mayhem Safe?

There's certainly risk involved in Mud Mayhem, but we take every precaution possible to get you to the finish line safely. There will be paramedics and an ambulance on site in case of an emergency. You enter Mud Mayhem at your own risk.

Can we compete in teams?

There's no team division, but you're welcome to take on the challenge with some friends to help you through the obstacles.

Can I wear a crazy costume / run barefoot / etc.?

You're good to go, as long as your costume or running shoes do not harm other participants. Keep in mind you will need to affix your chip timer to your foot (they work best attached to shoes, but zip ties will also be available at packet pick-up.)

I’m not in good shape. Can I do this?

Finishing Mud Mayhem is more about mental toughness than being in great shape.

I’m terrified of a specific obstacle. Can I still participate?

You're expected to complete all obstacles. If you're unable to complete an obstacle you may bypass the obstacle and receive your finisher medal, although you'll be disqualified from all awards.

I can’t swim. Can I participate in Mud Mayhem?

You may have to swim while on the course; but if you aren't able, you can go around any water obstacles. There will be lifeguards on site.

Do you accept mail-in entries?

Sorry – online entries only.

Can kids compete?

Mud Mayhem is only open to participants 14 years old and older.

For participants less than 18 years old on race day, your parent or guardian must be present during race day at packet pick-up to sign a waiver and release for you.

Can I get a refund?

Sorry – absolutely no refunds.

You may transfer your registration to another person by submitting a request to

You can try selling your registration on Craigslist or Facebook.

Can I transfer my registration to: A new registrant?

Request must be submitted prior to the registration deadline.

Parties who are authorized to request a transfer:

Parties who are not authorized to request a transfer:

Contact Information

For questions or more information, contact:

Katie Jurgens
Race Director
(309) 673-6136

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